The Top Five Reasons to Let a Dating Profile Coach Write Your Online Dating Profile – For Guys

When entering the world of online dating after a divorce, bad relationship, or just trying a new way of finding someone special, it is advisable to let a dating coach either help you write or be responsible for writing your online profile.

Perhaps it has been a while since you have been on the dating scene, let alone entering into the online dating world? Attracting your kind of date in cyberspace will be quite different than a random face-to-face meeting in public. There is definitely an art to crafting your online personal ad or dating profile to attract the type of people that you would like to meet so that you get an opportunity to communicate with them.

In addition to knowing what information to include about you and what to avoid, your dating profile coach can craft your profile in such a way that makes you sound interesting and stand out from everyone else, even if you have similar interests to others. They can also coach you on your screen name, headline, photos and more.

The Top Five Reasons to Let a Dating Profile Coach Write Your Online Dating Profile:

1. You will save time and will not have to beat your head on your desk trying to figure out what to say about yourself.

Describing yourself can be a challenge, especially if you have not had to write about yourself much in the past. What should you say and what should you not say in your dating profile? Your dating profile coach can help you with that. In fact, it is likely that they will provide you with a questionnaire for you to complete that will give them all the information that they will need to craft a great profile for you. Best of all, since the questions are about yourself, you will answer them all correctly. Ding, ding!

2. You will capture more attention by having a unique profile that does not sound like all the other ones.

As potential dates go through tons of online dating profiles, certain profiles stand-out from the pack while others become boring because they sound like most of the others or are a turnoff because they lack a confident tone. All men are NOT alike and women do not want to date those that are. Therefore, to help capture your readers’ attention, your dating profile coach will make sure that your dating profile is interesting, confident but not arrogant and displays personality.

3. You can have your deal-breakers and dislikes stated positively and politely to avoid turning-off the good people.

You may have a few deal-breakers and strong dislikes that you would like to include in your profile. The challenge is, while they may help ward off some undesirable women, they can also be a buzz-kill for positive women who are turned-off by the tone of your statement(s). Therefore, your dating profile coach will be sure to help you include your dislikes and deal-breakers but will state them in a positive, non-offensive way.

4. You will make a good impression by displaying proper grammar and spelling in your profile.

A profile that contains misspelled words, poor grammar, or that uses the incorrect version of a word (Ex: intelligent, instead of intelligent; two instead of too or you’re instead of your) can make the reader perceive you as uneducated when in fact, you were probably just in a hurry, and forgot to reread or use spell check. By using a dating profile coach, you can be sure that your coach will go over their work with a fine-tooth comb and will make sure that all spelling and grammar errors are eliminated before sending your profile to you.

5. Get an advantage over your competition by having assistance in selecting your photos, screen name, and headline too!

When you work with a dating profile coach, they can help you create your entire online dating persona by helping you choose your ever-so-important primary dating picture, select a screen name and write an attention-grabbing headline that goes with your profile. When you market yourself online it is similar to marketing just about anything. Your compelling photo should draw enough interest from your target market to get them to read your headline, see more pictures of you and to then read your profile to learn more about you. Your profile should have a call to action at the end that tells the reader what to do next. Gain a big advantage by having a professional help you!

Simply the Best Online Dating Profiles

Online Dating Profiles are one of the most under worked angles use to meet women online. Your online dating profile says so much about who you are and it is truly your first impression. With that said it is extremely important to invest as much time as needed to making your dating profile perfect for you. Whether you are new to online dating or a seasoned veteran this article will help you make the best possible decisions in making an online dating profile.

To see how poorly written some profiles are I suggest that you take a look at men in your same demographics (age, height, build, etc) to see what they are writing about themselves. You will see profiles with bad pictures, not pictures, not enough pictures, little to no content, little to no effort put into the profile, etc.

Women are detail mind creatures. So the details will count. Thing that you may never have noticed such as username, tag line, correct spelling, proper word usage, good grammar, and picture quality all matter. The details matter on many levels. For example pictures. Too many pictures is try hard. Professional taken pictures also falls under that category. Not having enough pictures show little effort and having only head shots might indicate that there is something to hide from them. Make sure your pictures are a mix of head shots and full body.

In your profile you want to make a good first impression. To do this you need to demonstrate your best self. This can be hard work but the keys to this will make it simple.

1. Make a list of 50 things about you. It can be things you like, things you have done, things you want to do, personality traits about you.

2. Write down a rough drafty profile. Use your list of 50 things about you to aid an assist you in writing these profiles. Be sure to include anything the basic about you and what you are looking for. It is okay to disqualify certain traits women may have. You can also include must-haves as well. Be confident edging on the side of cocky. Humor and hubris are wonderful things to include.

3. Write down a completely different rough drafty profile.

4. Write, yet again, a different rough drafty profile.

4. High-light the best parts of those three profiles.

5. Combine the best parts into one profile.

6. Polishing time. Now it is time to edit or rewrite the profile to make everything more interesting. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms. Use a dictionary to replace a word with a descriptive definition. Listen to music, television or a movie and feel free to include interesting sound bites or one liners.

7. Forever Polishing: You can now post your profile but keep in mind the importance of continuous little tweaks, edits and the occasional rewrite of your online dating profile can happen from time to time.

I hope this how-to has served as a helpful guide to creating an online profile that will help you meet women. For an example of my own personal online dating profile and other helpful online dating tips and advice please see my signature box.

Thank you and best of luck.

Useful Methods To Enhance Your Online Dating Profile

Do you know that in 10 people who go online every day, 1 of them are actually lurking around a dating online site, finding for his or her suitable date? So in a thousand people, there are 100 people who might view your profile daily, but we all know that there are more than 1000 people that enter the World Wide Web each day, so now’s the chance to improve your match dating profile. Being honest and true to others as well as to yourself is what you need in improving your match dating profile without the feeling of being weird about yourself and look indifferent in front of your potential dates. Your profile can easily stand out among all the online dating profiles if you know the tips on how to improve your dating profile.

The headline of your profile matters more than you think it does. Aside from your picture, the title of your profile is a crucial reason why people would want to view your match dating profile. A smart headline is the best way to attract more people if you really don’t have an alluring picture. What you should put in the headline is something very interesting about you, or the qualities of someone you are seeking. Avoid writing a headline that express apathy and negativity, like “Come join me because I’m Mr. Lonely”. If you’re a guy, would you think a girl would want her boyfriend who is not approachable or caring? And if you’re a girl, would think a boy would want his girl to be so uninteresting and apathetic? Put headlines that express your love for art, music, sports, travel, or even your cool job.

Next to the headline is the profile picture. You can improve your match dating profile by putting the best picture you’ve got, showing your most beautiful or handsome angle, with an appropriate lighting and background. Your smile is your biggest asset, and you should put that candid smile of yours in your profile picture to show that you are a warm and nice person. Update your picture once every one or two weeks because you’ll never know when someone is secretly coming back to check you out every week.

The content of your dating profile should contain all the positive things about you. As much as possible, avoid putting negative things and if you have to, elaborate your positive qualities in your profile.